AIOps Solutions for IT

AI Reinvented. Proactive and predictive insights.

Transform IT operations with Aruba’s AI-powered all-in-one platform that automatically detects and dynamically solves issues — before they impact the business.


    Preempt problems before they happen.

    Aruba AIOps helps IT deliver the best possible user experience and business outcomes with 360° visibility that uniquely combines network and user-centric data with powerful machine learning.
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    Data + Experience = A Foundation for AIOps.

    Data from millions of devices and decades of proven domain expertise ensures actionable AI results you can trust.
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    Game-changing AIOps innovation.

    Aruba Central uses a cloud-native microservices architecture that includes built-in AI Insights – local site and network wide connectivity and RF metrics, natural language search, and client KPIs – all designed to improve the IT experience.
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    AI that moves you.

    A collection of ideas and thought leadership that help you understand what AI, machine learning and AIOps are and how they help solve network complexity challenges, while improving IT efficiencies.
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    Smart and simple IT optimization solutions.

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    Automated Network Assurance

    AIOps insights from a single pane of glass.
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    Edge-to-Cloud Experience Monitoring

    AI-based alerts that quickly identify your most critical application and client issues.
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    AI-powered Device Visibility

    No need to guess when asked what’s connected to your network.
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  • How AIOps Leverages Network Environment Factors

    A look at the distinct type of factors used to create a baseline of your environment – the layout of your network, mobility behaviors, and traffic characteristics.
    Learn the benefits of environmental factors in AIOps

    AI is Only a Tool

    With many uses, AI is a powerful new IT operations tool that gets marketed in many ways. Some more accurately than others.
    Learn the difference between AI and AI-washing

    Toward AI-Operated Self-Optimizing Networks

    While insights and guidance are beneficial, the ability for network infrastructure to solve issues on its own without impacting users is critical.
    Learn where closed-loop remediation is most useful