Network Management for the Intelligent Edge

Aruba’s network management and assurance solutions deliver granular visibility, powerful control, and deeper insights—locally or in the cloud—for challenging IT environments.


Aruba Central for simplified cloud-managed networking.

Combining the best of traditional network management, AIOps, experience monitoring and device security, Aruba Central enables you to manage it all from a single pane of glass.
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What is Cloud-Managed Networking?

Next-generation network management and troubleshooting.
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Aruba AirWave for large scale wired and wireless network management.

For those that prefer on-premises solutions, Aruba AirWave is an industry-leading network management platform for Aruba and multi-vendor wired and wireless infrastructure management.
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AirWave in action.

Using AirWave to manage and optimize your network’s performance gives you the flexibility to efficiently make changes and troubleshoot any issues.
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