Aruba Network Analytics and Assurance

Identifying and fixing network problems early is critical as performance and outages can easily impact an organizations productivity. Aruba’s AI-powered Wi-Fi and wired experience assurance solutions help you find those intermittent issues fast, while also pointing out what to fix.


Aruba User Experience Insight.

A user-centric look at connectivity and app performance. Network insights that leverage AI and real-time synthetic testing from a users' perspective that proactively identifies mission critical application and network service issues - before they impact users or the business.
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AI-powered analytics and assurance for amazing experiences.

More insights. Better IT efficiencies.
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Aruba AI Insights.

AI-based analytics and assurance viewed directly from Aruba Central. Predictive analytics and deep insights that provide continuous visibility into how a Wi-Fi network is performing. An innovative and built-in approach for the optimization of a network’s performance, availability and end-user experiences.
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What is Experience Assurance?

As the reliance on technology increases, IT needs more than traditional network monitoring and management. Aruba’s vision is to provide IT with straightforward insights based on AI and analytics that more easily help maintain service level agreements, while delivering on users expectations.
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